15 Days To WOW! (SM) Create a New, Lifelong Habit!

Are you ready to create a new lifelong habit with 15 Days To WOW! (SM)

15 Days To WOW! ℠ is a great way for you to jump start something you have always wanted or dreamed of; e.g., getting healthy, losing weight, finding a new career, taking charge of your finances! Whatever you desire, this is the perfect program for you to start NOW, with Tiara’s 15 Days to WOW!℠.  Our process is practical, inspiring and motivating, leaving you with the tools to start a lifelong habit!

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The 15 Days to WOW! ℠ program includes 3 live 30-minute phone calls, 15 Daily inspiring WOW Factors, wisdom from leadership development experts and unlimited access to leadership coaches via email.

The price is only $15. We believe that now is the time for all women to choose to powerfully and intentionally lead their lives from inspiration.

Because the course takes place online and via the telephone, you can participate easily from anywhere. It’s great to do as a group too, so sign up with your friends and colleagues. If you’re ready, click here to register.

What’s included in the program?

  • 3, 30-minute motivational calls on Wednesdays, September 13, 20 and 27 (12:00 pm CT – 12:30 pm CT, (10:00 pm PT, 11:00 pm MT, 1:00 pm ET, 19:00 NL)
  • An online WOWZA to communicate your goal with your coaches and begin the creative process
  • 15 Daily WOW Factors to lead you through the day-to-day planning steps
  • Unlimited email coaching from Tiara leadership coaches

What kind of change will I create?

That is totally up to you! What change have you been craving to make in your life? We will each be creating a life-long habit that is meaningful to each of us in our own unique way. We will all use the same tools that are based on The Tiara Model for True Leadership℠, including tapping into our own source of inspiration, growing our awareness and results, and expanding our influence in our families and communities.

How much time will this take every day?

All we ask is that you start with 15 minutes each day for 15 days. The tools and Daily WOW Factors will guide you through the process but you can spend as much time as you want with each step.

Do I have to do each of the 15 steps?

This is your habit to create. We strongly recommend you commit to the 15 days so you can be well on your way to make this lifelong habit stick! And, you can take whichever steps appeal to you and contribute to your sense of focus, inspiration and motivation. You might notice if you are resisting some of the steps, that those might be the most important ones to take. You will be the only one who will know if that step is unnecessary or the source of great learning.

What if I can’t be on the phone calls?

The phone calls are recorded and sent to the participants so you can listen to them easily at a time that’s convenient for you.

How will I be supported in achieving my goal?

At the end of the 15 days, we will share ideas for keeping the commitment of this new habit. If you want a powerful yet gracious accountability structure for the whole year, join the Tiara Resource Circle.

The Tiara Resource Circle is a virtual leadership program comprised of a group of men and women from around the world who tap into the Tiara community once a month for support and to grow as leaders in their lives. Each Tiara True Leadership monthly conference call provides you ongoing support for fulfilling your goals. On these calls you will work your plan using a leadership effectiveness tool, concept or skill. If you desire, you can also be matched with an Accountability Partner, i.e., a partner who you schedule a call with between sessions to support each other as you go after your individual goals.

The best news of all is that the entire virtual leadership program, including the 15-Day Method, the monthly Tiara Resource Circle conference calls, an Accountability Partner, plus other additional bonus programming is only $249 for the entire year. Purchase your Tiara Resource Circle Membership here.

If you just want the 15 Days To WOW!℠ Program, click here to purchase for only $15.