About Us

About Tiara International LLC

Tiara International LLC is a global company founded in 2006. We provide women’s leadership development through coaching, consulting, motivational speaking and virtual programs.

We believe all women are leaders. We define leadership as making powerful choices based on what’s most important to you in your life and in your career. Tiara helps individual women achieve both professional and personal fulfillment. Tiara helps companies develop their female talent in a sustainable, integrated way.

We are committed to:

Women. Women are powerful, passionate, committed contributors in the workplace, in communities and in homes across the world.

Choice. Remembering we always have choice is the secret to freedom and empowerment in the face of any circumstance.

Leadership. All women are leaders. At the most basic level, we are all leading our own lives. When we are doing this authentically, we automatically lead others.

Inspiration. Our greatest contribution comes from what inspires us, our own unique sense of purpose, mission, and vision.

The Tiara Model for True Leadership (SM) underlies all of our leadership development programs. Download our most recent white paper to further understand our model and learn how to make investing in women’s leadership development a strategic imperative.