Mentoring Programs for Women

Mentoring Programs for Women

Formal mentor programs are important elements of talent development. Companies must do more than hope that their employees know how to create mentoring relationships that create results. That’s why successful companies tie their mentoring programs to key strategic business growth initiatives and have clear outcomes for the program.

Mentor Program Development Approach

Tiara brings consulting, organization development, change management and leadership development expertise to the design, launch and delivery of your mentor program. We will include any of the phases listed below depending on what your organization needs.

  • Finalize the mentor program’s vision, mission, charter, team and strategic metrics
  • Identify leadership competencies
  • Assess the current capabilities of female leaders
  • Advise on nomination, application and communication processes
  • Design, develop and lead the program launch
  • Design, develop and lead the mentor/mentee matching session
  • Design, develop and lead the mentee-driven quarterly development meetings
  • Design, develop and lead the mentor training and support
  • Provide individual leadership coaching for mentees

Program Results

Our clients report that their female leaders who engaged in Tiara International’s formal mentoring program experience:

  • Quality business relationships and connections with their mentors and fellow female mentee peer group.
  • New sponsorship at the executive levels in the organization
  • A significant shift in promotability and leadership competency ratings
  • Higher levels of confidence and organizational commitment

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