Executive Presence for Women

Executive Presence for Women

Have you watched someone stand up in a meeting and captivate the room with their voice, stature, credibility, confidence and ability to relate? Have you also witnessed a qualified colleague flounder in a presentation or conversation, losing credibility because of their handshake, tone of voice, eye contact or something else that distracted from their message?

 Yes, we just know when someone has executive presence. We also know when it is missing, even if it’s challenging to define or describe. High-impact professionals and leaders are aware of their executive presence and refine it to work for them and help them achieve their goals.

Whether or not we like it, our executive presence is directly related to our ability to inspire, motivate, build trust and increase our leadership responsibility in an organization.  As we advance our careers, the reliance on technical competencies decreases and the ability to build strategic relationships and communicate a compelling vision increases. Yet it can feel vulnerable, overwhelming and confronting to take an honest look at our own executive brand. Will we like what we see? Does it reflect both our character and our credibility? What can we do to increase our executive presence each day?

In this experiential workshop we will explore this concept together, diving into the Awareness dimension of The Tiara Model for True LeadershipYou will examine the impact of your presence and clarify your leadership brand in a way that feels empowering and inspiring.  

By the end of this workshop, participants will:

  • Define all the elements of executive presence
  • Articulate how their blind spots about their presence may be undermining their impact and performance
  • Apply practical tools to positively live their brand everyday

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