Women’s Leadership Organization Assessment

Women's Leadership Organization Assessment

Moving talent through your leadership pipeline is one of the top issues facing executives today. How is your organization developing women leaders?

Our women’s leadership organization assessment will answer this question for you by collecting company-wide data from all demographics of your company.

As a result of this assessment you will have:

  • A customizable action plan tied to business rationale to attract, develop and advance your top talent
  • An understanding of whether or not a focus on developing women leaders makes sense for your business; if it does, you will know why
  • An awareness of the best approach for your company and for women
  • Clarity on how to engage the entire organization to make efforts strategic

You might even discover that what your organization is doing for women is already perfectly aligned with the vision, mission, values and strategy of your business.

Contact us specifically to find out more about our unique organization assessment. We look forward to hearing from you.