Dr. Kate Webster

Dr. Kate Webster

KateWebsterCertified Coach in the Tiara Model True Leadership (SM)

Dr. Kate Webster is a TEDx Speaker and leader in shifting multicultural mindsets through education, facilitation, training, and coaching. She founded her own company, Breaking Thru Barriers, to help clients break free of limiting beliefs that hold them back and transform their personal and professional lives. By combining her expertise as a part-time Sociology professor and third degree black belt, she specializes in helping individuals speak up in difficult situations and with difficult people.

Kate’s clients are people in career transition or emerging leaders who want more confidence and self-awareness so they can speak up for themselves while advancing in their careers. This includes helping her clients navigate tricky relationships at work and feeling more effective in their day-to-day work lives.

Watch Kate in her TEDx talk to challenge us to “change the way you communicate and change your world.”

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