Virtual Leadership Development for Women

Virtual Leadership Development for Women

The Tiara Resource Circle

rclogoWe believe leadership is a way of being, not a specific role or title. At the most essential level, every woman is a leader because she is the one responsible for leading her life.

The Tiara Resource Circle provides leadership development to women around the world virtually every month. The program is based on The Tiara Model for True Leadership (SM), our integrated leadership framework. Click these links to find out more about:




1. Create your Integrated Leadership Plan.

You have an opportunity to create a focused plan for 2017 that includes both professional and personal goals and comes from inspiration. We use a step-by-step approach using our 15 Days To WOW! SM methodology. Even if you join the Resource Circle mid-year, the planning process will be available to you if you need it.

2. Work your plan.

Once you have created your Integrated Leadership Plan, there’s real magic and power when you reconnect with it regularly. In the Tiara Resource Circle, we meet on the first Tuesday of each month (beginning in February) for our True Leadership Program monthly sessions. Each of these sessions provides you with a tool, skill or concept to use to make progress toward your goals.

You can also choose to work with a Tiara Accountability Partner between the monthly sessions to increase the effectiveness of the program exponentially. We will match you with another member the Tiara Resource Circle and provide the guidelines for launching and maintaining this type of relationship.

3. Discuss relevant women’s leadership issues.

Throughout the year we offer bonus programs on topics we want to discuss. We host at least 3 Women’s Leadership Virtual Roundtables and 3-Week Tiara TeleSeries throughout the year. The women in the Tiara Resource Circle help us choose the topics that matter most to them.




The True Leadership Program sessions are recorded and available so that members can listen and participate at their convenience.

           January  | Design your Integrated Leadership Plan in 15 daily steps

         February  | Identify your source of Inspiration with your Three Queens

              March  | Strengthen your goals using radical Clarity

                April  | Leverage inspiration and energy to produce surprising Results

                 May  | Create greater ease through internal and external Alignment

                June  | Prioritize your Wellbeing every day

                 July  | Build an authentic, supportive Community

             August  | Experience the transformational affect of Acceptance

      September  | Recalibrate and reboot your Integrated Leadership Plan.

          October  | Deepen your leadership Awareness

       November  | Focus on Accomplishment as we approach year-end

       December  | Relax into your Influence in a peaceful way




You receive over $1500 worth of leadership development programming for the annual price of $249. We offer this program virtually for that low price to support our vision: a world where all women choose to lead their lives from inspiration.

Click here to purchase and begin leading your life from inspiration today.


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From Chingwell Mutombo, Executive Director at First Step Initiative: Two years ago, I was at a point in my life where I just felt that I didn’t fit the traditional model of a so called “leader”. I was struggling to find my place in the world in terms of understanding my own leadership journey and […]

From Anneke Strik, Trainer and Coach at Landstede: I choose to do the Tiara virtual programs on the phone because I experienced how inspiring this can be for me. I was led along by the Tiara leaders to a new awareness that is positive and guides me to new practices in my life. The most […]