Offering you a “spring cleaning” on a goal or area of life that’s stuck

Offering you a "spring cleaning" on a goal or area of life that's stuck


WHAT: Special “Spring Cleaning” 3-Session Individual Coaching Program

DATE: This offer runs through May 1, 2017.

WHERE: Our individual coaching is offered via phone or video call, making it easy for you, anywhere.

INDIVIDUAL PRICE: For $750.00 you receive 3 individual coaching sessions, a Strategic Attraction Plan (TM), and a Tiara Resource Circle membership.

GROUP PRICE: If you’d like to do this coaching with a group of colleagues or friends, the price is $750 for the first person, then $375 for each additional person, with a maximum of 5 people total in the coaching group.

COACHES: During registration you can choose which of the available Tiara International Certified Coaches you’d like to work with for your “spring cleaning.” You can also choose “no preference” to be matched with a great coach.

PURCHASE: Click here to purchase.


We all know how great it feels to open up the windows, clean out the closets, wash the car, and go for that first run of the springtime. As the temperature warms up, our energy rises.

We naturally feel motivated to refresh our plans, attack our goals, and make progress. However, there are some goals or areas of life where we constantly struggle or feel stuck. In those areas, we could use a boost of clarity, intentionality, and gracious accountability — our specialty!

Our Tiara International Certified Coaches are here to provide a special “Spring Cleaning” coaching offer. This is a 3-session coaching series that will start with creating a transformational Strategic Attraction Plan (TM), followed up by two coaching sessions to make sure that you are continuing to build momentum.

As an added support system, we will include a membership into the Tiara Resource Circle for the rest of 2017. This means that after your 3 sessions, you will still be supported by the Tiara community and our monthly calls for the rest of the year.

The typical price of this leadership coaching program is $1150. During April and May you can purchase your 3-session Spring Cleaning Series for $750.