Christina Fisher

Christina Fisher

September 09, 2015
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Christina Fisher, Vice President, Finance at Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago shares:

“I gained more confidence and comfort around being a leader among leaders. I have asserted myself as a strategic-thinking organizational leader, not just a department leader. During the program, I received my next leadership challenge — a promotion to Vice President.

I appreciated the Leadership Map as a foundational tool. It helped to connect the dots between my strengths, core values, and my true inspiration. It was an insightful reference throughout the program. The individual coaching sessions were invaluable to address my specific leadership challenges.

I am more deliberate about letting go of tasks, recognizing that delegation is critical for developing my staff. I am more focused on getting things done through others (as opposed to doing myself) and holding my staff accountable for high-quality deliverables. This has freed my time for more focus on strategy and relationship-building.

I would recommend the program to other high-potential, female leaders. Particularly, those pushing for the next level of leadership in either scope or title. The program provides actionable steps, focus, and mindset shifts.”



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