Tiara Coaches
Dr. Alison Miller - Tiara International LLC

Dr. Alison Miller

Dr. Alison Miller creates collaborative coaching relationships with her clients and helps them identify important life goals. She promotes the personal growth of all her clients by helping them change beliefs and attitudes, take action, engage in new behaviors and live their lives according to their own values. Alison has been featured on the Oprah Winfrey Show, Chicago’s […]

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Amy Riley - Tiara International LLC

Amy Riley

Amy Riley ensures that her clients recognize and appreciate their inherent talents and learn what is most relevant from their life experiences. Guiding them through cycles of action and reflection, her clients think about what really matters to them, get in touch with their dreams and believe that they can design a life which inspires them by […]

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Andrea Henning - Tiara International LLC

Andrea Henning

It is Andrea Henning’s vision that when people discover their authenticity and dare to follow their bliss they are happier and more successful in their lives while serving as an inspiration to their communities. Andrea helps people and organizations clarify what is essential to them, then challenges them to get “all hands on deck” to produce the kind of results that […]

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Betsy Sobiech - Tiara International LLC

Betsy Sobiech

Betsy Sobiech is an expert in organization development, human behavior, training, systems thinking, communications and coaching. She is fully committed to Tiara’s mission, which is to challenge and guide women around the world to become the leaders they were meant to be in their lives and at work. Betsy currently acts as COO of this growing business […]

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Elizabeth Ruske - Tiara International LLC

Elizabeth M. Ruske

Elizabeth Ruske brings all aspects of her background and expertise to her work. This includes marketing, sales, business development, client services, strategic partnering, coaching, consulting and leadership development. She is known as a creative strategic thinker who embodies a win-win approach in every situation. Tiara’s commitment to challenge and guide women around the world to become the leaders they […]

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Ellen Burton, Tiara International LLC

Ellen Burton

Ellen Burton has been called an inspirational leader and a catalyst for change.  Her ability to assist and focus coaching clients on achieving their goals is exceptional. In addition to personal and professional coaching, Ellen is a successful mediator both in the corporate and academic arenas.  Ellen’s philosophy is that everyone has the capacity to […]

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Franciska Moors - Tiara International LLC

Franciska Moors

Franciska Moors is a systems thinker, both a pragmatic person and idealist. She is an expert in leadership development, personal strategy, executive coaching, women’s leadership and leadership development through travel experiences. “I work with leaders and teams in both profit and not-for-profit organizations. The majority of my clients are senior academic staff at universities, research organizations […]

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Melissa Thornely - Tiara International LLC

Melissa Thornley

Melissa’s professional life began in the technology and telecommunications field at U.S. Robotics. When people barely knew what the internet was, Melissa Thornley coached customers on how to install their modems.  This quickly led to her writing the user manuals and sales materials. After three years at U.S. Robotics, Melissa felt a desire to explore […]

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Peg Rowe, Tiara International LLC

Peg Rowe

Through her business experience, Peg Rowe brings knowledge, wisdom and unique perspective on building high performance teams, creating a collaborative culture, developing leaders and delivering exceptional results. She works seamlessly with all levels of management, across groups or in one-on-one settings. Her intuition, calm manner and orientation to action, once critical to her leadership, are key […]

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Thea Polancic - ClearSpace, LLC

Thea Durfee Polancic

Thea Polancic is a passionate advocate for the power of business to create prosperity, fulfillment and beauty in the world. She is also the Founder and Chair of the Chicago Chapter of Conscious Capitalism, a movement dedicated to elevating humanity through business. Thea began her career as an “intrapreneur” within Caterpillar, opening new business in […]

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