5 reasons leaders slow down — even when there’s no time!

5 reasons leaders slow down — even when there’s no time!

May 20, 2015
by Tiara International LLC | 2 comments

5 reasons leaders slow down — even when there’s no time!

We might think that slowing down is a fantasy, something we daydream about. We say we want to slow down, yet stick to our frantic schedules because we are afraid of missing something, getting behind and losing ground. Even more deeply, we might be afraid to hear ourselves — our voice, our heart, our truth. If we stopped to listen, we might not like what we hear. In spite of this resistance, here are the top 5 reason leaders slow down – even when there’s no time.

Top 5 Reasons Leaders Slow Down

  • Access creativity. In the Huffington Post offices there are sleep rooms. These “pods” are available to all employees so they can rejuvenate. They know that this is essential to creativity.
  • Make long-lasting decisions. On one hand, we don’t need to overthink a decision. Our first instinct is often right, and making quick choices is one of the bullets in Seth Godin’s blog about going fast. However, if we are overwhelmed and overworked because we don’t have a regular practice of slowing down, our instincts might be off. When you take the time to slow down, take care of yourself and hone your instincts, then a fast decision might also be a long-lasting one. However, if you are off-balance, you might want to pause and reflect first.
  • Be flexible. Good leaders have range. They can unhook, reflect and thoughtfully assess a situation. They can engage and act decisively in a crisis. They can bring in humor when it’s needed. They can have a determined focus when necessary. It’s not healthy or sustainable for any leader to being moving at a fast-pace all the time, and there are real opportunities to be missed along the way.
  • Listen. It’s hard to listen on the fly. We are all guilty of being on an important call (with either a colleague or a loved one) while finishing that last email or reviewing a report. Face it, we are not listening 100% when we do that. Great leadership of others includes being a great listener. This means slowing down to be present and connected to what the other person is really communicating.
  • Embrace living (instead of surviving). When we are in motion for too long, we start to feel victimized by our To Do Lists and begin to bring a survival mindset to what we have to do. When we slow down and choose our next priorities, we feel aware, present and alive. This makes life — no matter what the pace — more fulfilling.

We will practice slowing down together on our upcoming TeleSeries: Slowing Down to Speed Up. Join us if you know now is the time for you to slow down — while still growing as great leader.

2 comments on 5 reasons leaders slow down — even when there’s no time!

  • I am participating in this TeleSeries – and co-leading with Alison – because of the value I found years ago in “slowing down”. That value turned out to be: speeding up. The way this worked was that in my slowing down process I found increased clarity about what I wanted, why I wanted it and about the first next steps on how to act. Another reason to participate is that it remains a practice. I sometimes forget and can use the reminder and support of a group of like minded people!

  • I like the idea of sleeping places in offices and other workingplaces. A very goid idea. It would help me! Since I work at home quit a lot and when I am nog on the way, I like to take a short break snorring on my old bench in the afternone, I juist love it !
    I like the things I do, like working with horses and people, very often I feel a nice flow of creativity, there is no time, I mean, time is not an issue. I live it.
    I juist arrived home from a beautiful ride on my horse. She makes me feel happy, just being in nature by her with a beautiful evening sun, the feeling of trafeling just 5 km from my home!
    I am getting older and getting more consious about slowing down, I realise how happy ánd lucky I am, learning every day and ofcourse I have these other days! But than my husband says, “So what! just take a rest”, wauw my wonderfull old bench and then …..when I just surrender and love it!

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