Applied Leadership Article on “Pioneering”

Applied Leadership Article on “Pioneering”

August 01, 2016
by Andrea Henning | no comments

PioneeringNobody ever knows what a pioneer is doing.

— Timothy Leary

When looking up the definition for “pioneer” in a variety of online sources, the theme is clear. A pioneer is the first. She is attempting something that has never been done before. She is the inventor, developer, creator and explorer.

As we imagine this pioneering woman, the picture in our minds is often romantic, exciting, and thrilling. We are drawn to her story; the adventure, strength, daring, spirit and character of this person who created a path where there was none, then showed us the way. Perhaps we relate to her personally, knowing that in our own way we are pioneering in our lives.

If you do relate to her (as we do) you also know that being a pioneer comes with challenges …

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