What’s YOUR value?

What’s YOUR value?

August 24, 2015
by Elizabeth Ruske | 2 comments

What’s YOUR value?

No, I am not talking about your net financial worth.  I’m talking about you unabashedly knowing your strengths and leading from them.

If you were asked, “How or where do you add value?”  What would you say?  Would you be able to easily articulate all the ways in which you uniquely provide something that no one else provides?  Or would you stop and think about if you add any value at all? Knowing your value is a critical component to growing your confidence.  True Leaders know their value.  They also know and leverage the value of those around them. In Tiara, we work with women so they confidently step into their leadership and own their power.  One of the key ways they do that is by owning the things and unique attributes they bring to the table.


Recently, I was away for long weekend with several of my sisters. In one of the conversations we were having, at one point I said, “This is something I am really good at.” Then another thing came up and I said, “ Yep, I am really good at that, too!”.  Now within a short period of time, my sisters heard me declare 2 things that I claimed to be very good at, and then the teasing commenced.  You can imagine the verbal razzing I got at that point, “Oh, look at you, what are you perfect in everything? And, Wow, no humility in you, Beth.”

But this innocent exchange exemplifies a belief I have that many women do not know how to declare and own their own value and strengths.

Oh, don’t get me wrong, I think women actually do know these things about themselves.  But what they do not do is declare it – let alone own it!


On this weekend, it became a running joke with my sisters; to the point where one of my sisters started a list of “Beth’s Resume of Strengths”.  Now I also happen to have a pretty good sense of humor so I thought this was hilarious.  And by then end of the weekend, they were adding things to my list!  But the fact that stood out for me was that here I was with 4 women who know me better than anyone else in the world, and who actually agreed with my assessment, but there was a palpable discomfort with someone declaring for themselves, or allowing someone the space to own their strengths.

It is important for each of us to do the internal work and know our strengths as a first step.  The second step is to enact the courage to be that woman regardless of what others say or do. This is what we mean when we say lead from within, and true leadership.  It is simply knowing who you are and being willing to show up that way!

Here are some questions to help you gain clarity of what your unique strengths are:

  • What do my co-workers, family members, and friends count on me for?
  • When do I feel like I am making a contribution?
  • What am I doing when things seem to just happen easily– when it never feels like hard work?
  • What seems to be unique about me or at least special?
  • What has been my MO my entire life?
  • What do I discount or take for granted about myself because I think it is just so easy or I think everyone does this – don’t they?

Each of us adds value each and every day.  It’s one thing to know you add value, it’s an entirely different thing to OWN IT!

2 comments on What’s YOUR value?

  • We do each bring value to our shared experience – whether we want to or not. I love how you framed the topic, Beth, and your examples with Matthew brought it to life. It’s not always the things we do, but our presence that makes a difference.

    I like to think of it as, “What do others naturally expect from my presence? What shows up when I do?”

    Thanks, Beth.

  • I love this entry because I am in the process of setting up my website for my business and trying to get a sense (from others) about my personal brand. To your point, my real value.

    It has been wonderful to see all of the responses and disappointing to realize how much I discount it because it comes so easily.

    So in response to “What’s my value – if it’s not what I achieve or produce?”, I thought that I would share those insights that were provided to me by others.

    “Laura is very well connected; she is an open source collaborator and a possibility painter. She is intelligent and bases her recommendations on high-quality experience with top-level companies; she is generous in spirit in terms of sharing what she knows and who she knows. The client is challenged and benefits from a different perspective, because she makes each stakeholder think! They emerge with a clearer sense of what “is” and where they want to go. Plus she’s great on follow through and on-time!”

    WOW! I was so excited to read what people had to say and thank you SO much for this post. You made me realize that yes, I recognize my value (although sometimes discount it) and I want to spend these next couple of weeks focusing OWNING and appreciating the value I bring to others.

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