February 01, 2017
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In 2007, when Tiara International LLC was first launched, we articulated our vision for the first time. That vision is the source of all we do. 

We envision a world where all women choose to lead their lives from inspiration. 

At that time we didn’t know what that would look like. Now we do.

From the beginning we believed deeply in the power of women who are lit up by what inspires them, making choices to lead their lives in the direction of their dreams, and supported positively by others along the way. 

We didn’t care then — and we still don’t today — what lights you up. What we do care about is that women everywhere have the courage and opportunity to follow where their light leads, unapologetically and safely. 

No matter what your reaction to the women marching across the world, your reaction is a clue as to what fires you up, energizes you, activates you and inspires you. 

Take a moment today to stoke your fire by answering these questions:

  • Which picture or story moved me this past weekend?
  • How did I personally respond? What did I do, think, or say?
  • What reignited a fire inside of me or fanned the flames of one already burning?
  • What does this say about my values, what’s important to me at the core?
  • How can I express my fire authentically and productively?

Then, share your answers with us here as we build a collection of stories that show what happens when you #LightHerFire.

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