Applied Leadership Article on “Authentic Leadership”

Applied Leadership Article on “Authentic Leadership”

October 11, 2016
by Betsy Sobiech | 1 comment

54521644_sIn her 2008 presidential campaign, Hilary Clinton shed light on the glass ceiling women face when seeking positions of leadership and advancement at work: “Although we weren’t able to shatter that highest, hardest glass ceiling this time, thanks to you, it’s got about 18 million cracks in it.” Since then, she shattered the highest glass ceiling when she accepted the Democratic presidential nomination, although constantly battling a label of being non-charismatic.

For most women breaking through that glass ceiling has remained elusive. Look what happened to Sue*, a leader in a major Chicago bank. During her tenure at this bank, she succeeded at being an effective manager. However, she struggled to fit in with her predominantly all-male colleagues, who all displayed extroverted, outgoing leadership traits. Her interactive and collaborative leadership style was often minimized and dismissed. After ten years, she realized this environment wasn’t going to change. Her only option was to leave and find a work culture more aligned with her leadership skills.

Women and others who are not traditionally charismatic believe they aren’t effective leaders simply because they don’t fit the ideal extroverted leadership style favored in corporate America … [Read the rest of the article here.]

1 comment on Applied Leadership Article on “Authentic Leadership”

  • Great article and roadmap to undersrand our own authenticity. It takes great courage to be and stay authentic without compromise. Therefore we need to know our fears too, because they can potentionally make us conform to “the system” and act opportunistic, even without realizing it.
    It is rewarding to go for our true authenticity. We become gamechangers and pave the road for future generations!

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