THANK YOU, Donald Trump.

THANK YOU, Donald Trump.

February 01, 2017
by Elizabeth Ruske | no comments

Yes, I chose to attend the Women’s March on Washington. Since then I have been asked by many people, “Why did you go to the march? And why did you go to the march in Washington D.C. instead of marching in your hometown Chicago?”

I am no longer able to sit on the sidelines and assume things will get better. Simply said, ‘I’m tired of waiting’. I’m tired of a lot of things:

 sitting by and watching our “leaders” not lead from inclusion. 

 observing people talking at each other without listening to all points of view so everyone feels heard. 

 the constant focus on our differences instead of our similarities.

 how the people in power are not solving the problems; they are blaming others.

 not feeling heard or empowered in my own state and my own country.

I chose to go to Washington D.C. to …

Reclaim my power.

Put our lawmakers on notice to #SolveTheProblems.

Demonstrate that we can be vastly different and yet mostly the same. 

Engage in real dialogue, face-to-face, instead of online monologues that go nowhere. 

Take a powerful stand for myself, my family, my business, my community, and my country.

So, with great irony, I say, “Thank you, Donald Trump.”

I would not be as engaged as I feel at this moment if I were not outraged by the polarization that is now running rampant in our country. I understand this was occurring well before Donald Trump decided to run for president. I know that this type of rude, ill-mannered behavior has been going on in our country (and our world) for awhile.

Thank you, Donald Trump, for taking it to a new level. You have made these issues so obvious and offensive that I could no longer remain silent or sit on the sidelines.

Thank you, Donald Trump, for causing millions of women, men, and children around the world to look up the definition of feminist and activist and decide they could be both!

Thank you, Donald Trump, for giving me the opportunity to make sure I am not acting hypocritically and end up mirroring the behavior of many of our so-called leaders, but rather that I ensure I am living my values of honestly, integrity, partnership, win-win, love, success, grace, and compassion each and every day.

It is often said that change, true and sustainable change, does not happen without a burning platform to mobilize inertia. Thank you, Donald Trump, for creating that fire for me. From this point forward, I will make sure I am a positive example and role model for my sons and their children in standing up for their beliefs and for the greater good. I will do so in a way that truly honors others and seeks to #SolveTheProblems.  

Thank you, Donald Trump, because for this woman and business leader, you have truly ignited me to #LightHerFire. 



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