Walk the talk.

Walk the talk.

February 28, 2017
by Jeannine Veenendaal | no comments

Tiara-Pic-Walking-Shoes-150x150At the beginning of this year I used the Tiara 15 Days to WOW! (SM) program to create a roadmap for my year.

During the process of creating my WOW Plan for 2017, I heard myself coaching my kids by saying, “When there is something that you are postponing, like reading a book for school (because you dread doing it, or want to do it when the timing is ‘just perfect’), the best thing to do is TO JUST START TODAY. You take a first little step, and the rest will follow.”

Of course this advice sounds familiar to most parents. But do they apply it to their own situation?

The immediate mirroring effect for me was a trigger to tackle one item on my list that I had been postponing for weeks (or, more honestly, months), as I had been waiting for that perfect moment (and was dreading it) myself. Finishing the dreaded chore proved to be very simple and inspiring once I had lowered my “performance” standard to a more practical one and took that first step.

Now ‘just do it’ is at the top of my list of Wisdom Guidelines, and it reminds me to not postpone things that are getting in the way of more exciting things in life. Needless to say that the book was also finished in no time.

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