Entrepreneurs in Spotlight with the SkinLess Project

Inspiring women entrepreneurs are highlighted in the SkinLess Project



Tiara International LLC is collaborating with The SkinLess Project to put our inspiring entrepreneurial women in the spotlight each month.


The Skinless Project is founded on the notion that all women should embrace and cultivate their personal power so they may succeed in their personal and professional lives, regardless of their age, race, skin color, religion or financial status. This grounding principle is very aligned with our vision of a world where all women lead their lives from inspiration.

Together we are highlighting the entrepreneurial women in our communities so we can learn from them, support them and be inspired by them.

In The Spotlight


KateCloseUpDr. Kate Webster, Breaking Thru Barriers

Dr. Kate Webster’s passion empowering others to speak up for themselves led her to create her own company called Breaking Thru Barriers. Through her programs, Quiet Power™ and Mindful Communication™, she brings together her academic knowledge on gender equality issues with her physical experiences as a self-defense instructor to help individuals manage difficult conversations and communicate authentically.
As an author, speaker and trainer, Kate is partnering with Tiara in co-creating our Applied Leadership series. Read her Spotlight on The SkinLess Project’s website to learn more about her beliefs, her passions and her business.

Go to Kate’s Spotlight Interview.