Women’s Retreat in France: Pajama Party for the Soul

Women's Retreat in France: Pajama Party for the Soul


WHAT: A True Leadership Experience | Pajama Party for the Soul | France

DATE: April 14 -18 , 2017

WHERE: St. Antonin Noble Val in southern France

PRICE: $820.00 includes lodging, meals, leadership program, and  local transportation from Toulouse to the retreat site at scheduled times. The price does not exclude private day trips, souvenirs, beverages, and off-site meals. For European participants arriving by car there is a Euro price available at 550,- ex VAT 21%.

REGISTEREmail Franciska Dekker  to find out more details or register for this retreat.


Journey to a small town named St. Antonin Noble Val, where you will be greeted with warm hospitality, breathtaking scenery and an opportunity to reconnect and rejuvenate like none other on our women’s retreat in France. This particular part of the country has a special energy that creates the environment for being thoroughly refreshed.

Andrea Henning and Franciska Dekker serve as your guides through the weekend. The open agenda will be created by the group, and it could include time in nature, fireside inquiries, music, connections with each other, time alone and more. You will be in touch with your soul in a fun, playful, experiential way, leading to a deep sense of peace and well-being.
This is a retreat where you are welcome to show up exactly as you are. You will use the environment, the coaches and each other  to leave reconnected to your heart, your spirit and what’s most important to you.
Email Franciska Dekker for more information or to register for this retreat experience.